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Version B124

----- CHANGELOG -----

Balance and AI:
- Warships now use a much better algorithm to more consistently aim depth charges at the u-boat.
- At least a half of warships present in a convoy always get assigned to searching u-boats instead of getting assigned to that job randomly.
- Warships now share some information between themselves about suspected location of enemy submarines.
- Warships have improved AI to be better at tracking down the u-boat, if they don't know its current location. They stop the search, if they run out of depth charges. Note: if the convoy fought with other u-boats on its route, some of the warships may be already out of depth charges and don't participate in the search.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Mark VII depth charges used at the beginning of the war now have realistic maximum detonation depth (152.4 meters). Added Mark VII Heavy depth charges (215 meters) that slowly start to replace them starting with 1942. Added Upgraded Mark VII that enters service in 1943 with max detonation depth of 274 meters. We still need to confirm some of these numbers.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) F-class destroyers have their depth charges capacity doubled in 1942-1943.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Majority of merchant ships now don't have radio equipment at the start of the war. It's installed later with passing years.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Merchant ships without escort that have a radio equipment send SOS and SSS messages when they spot a submarine or get hit by a torpedo.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Torpedo detonations are audible and visible to nearby groups including the aircraft (up to 32 km). Smoke columns can also be detected, if they get high enough (up to 80 km). NPCs report them by radio and consider this event in their further behaviour.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Warships send messages about detecting enemy submarines to their allies. These messages cannot be decoded by the player, but are trackable to the direction finder.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Default crew at the conning tower is now a bit better at detecting incoming aircraft. Aircraft are also generally a bit easier to spot now.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Depth charges now blind hydrophones and sonars much more intensively and in a more user friendly way.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Torpedoes deal noticeably more damage. Damage reports after torpedo hits were reworked a bit.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Ship health bars were improved and display current flooding as well as projected flooding over time.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Scoring a hit with torpedo provides instant discipline growth. Sinking a ship increases it even more. Explosions of depth charges close to the hull lower discipline.

Emergency and crew management changes:
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Officers can freely move and perform simple and emergency tasks in evacuated compartments.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Evacuation works more reliably than before.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) It's now possible to manually place orders of carrying wounded crewmen to safety. Fixed multiple problems related to this action. Added icon for this action.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) It was't possible to evacuate Battery Room no. 2 (this problem may be carried in the game states).
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Most repair jobs are now more tolerant to water before oxygen mask is required.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) "Medic" automated officer role wasn't working after recent changes to the injury system. Medic and his helpers are now also actively carrying the wounded crew.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Wounded and sick characters can now be treated only in beds. If beds become flooded, treatment will be cancelled and they will ragdoll.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Fixed cases of characters moving back and forth through the hatch during evacuation of middle compartments.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Move orders are now treated as a normal task that appears in the officer's action queue.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) It's no longer possible to load torpedoes when beds are occupied by wounded crew.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Officers are now usually carried to their own compartment, if they become wounded. Regular sailors can also be carried there, if there is no space in other compartments.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) It's no longer necessary to carry crewmen anywhere, if they got injured in the bunk.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Added FPP-only "stop evacuation" action on the hatches.

- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Added night lights in ports and cities. Lighthouses are now functional.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Fixed sharp spotlight rendering on water.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Fix for lighting problems after visiting a character screen.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Probable fix for terrain cracks, holes and intense slopes that were appearing at certain spots in the world.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Visual improvements to the effect of water leaking out from the holes in the hull of the u-boat. It's now played even when small amounts of water accumulate in the hull. Added sound effect. This change may have negative impact on the performance.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Added bubbles effect to the quick diving tank.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Sky, terrain and other ships are no longer displayed when camera is placed at the boundary of the ship's hull. It didn't look good and could be used to cheat when visibility was low.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Probable fix for a pink water during explosions at specific view angles.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Shadows were missing in the periscope view.
- (Preview 14, 31.08.2019 16:40) Grid intersections on the map are more clean without visible overlapping. Grid has constant pixel width. Larger grid cells now have exactly 10 km dimensions, smaller grid cells have 1 km dimensions.

- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Major performance and quality improvements to spray effect coming from the breaking waves.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Performance improvements to hull wetting effect and fish emitter.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Camera view distance is being adjusted during foggy weather to not render scene parts that are fully covered by the fog. This change noticeably increases FPS during storms.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Ship interior is more aggressively culled when camera looks inside the ship through the external hatch to increase FPS on the conning tower.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Major optimizations to Unity's shadow atlasing code (10x faster - from 2 ms per frame to 0.2 ms per frame).
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Probable fix for binoculars/periscope performance drop. There is a problem in the graphics engine that occasionally causes performance drop after any appearance of blend shape animations like talking, blinking or squinting the eye to look through the periscope lens. We gated this kind of animations behind aggressive LOD system to minimize occurrences of this problem. Characters will also stop to blink starting with this update until this problem gets fixed in the future engine versions. While it is a definitely confirmed thing, it could also not be the main cause of performance drop after using periscopes on affected systems - further testing is needed. It was causing numerous thread locks in the engine code and be a reason behind some of the reported crashes.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Interior scenes are much more occlusion culled for better performance, but the section view no longer uses occlusion culling. Gains from it were negligible and using it there was limiting potential precision for other views.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Section view uses custom culling to avoid rendering of unnecessary geometry at the sides.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Other performance improvements.
- (Preview 9, 26.08.2019 21:40) Screen space reflections effect optimizations targeted mostly at high resolution screens.

User interface:
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Added detailed hints about station state that appear after hovering it with a mouse pointer. These hints contain various practical information that was often inaccessible before this update.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) New activator icons for the most often used equipment.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Some of the activators like maps and galley could be hovered only by their icon, while their models weren't triggering any action.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Activator names are no longer displayed in the scene until they become hovered or ALT is pressed.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Ballast and fuel tanks now can be hovered after pressing ALT to check their state (with the exception of ballast tanks no. 1 and 5 that can be always hovered, they are comfortably far from the playing area).
- (Preview 7, 23.08.2019 16:00) Torpedo warming icon now contains a launcher index.
- (Preview 13, 30.08.2019 09:10) Light bulbs now have dedicated icons.
- (Preview 14, 31.08.2019 16:40) Added dedicated icon for NPC ship investigation action.

- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Added two console commands "GroupsStressTest" and "LaRochelleStressTest" for infinite loading testing. They can be aborted by pressing escape.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Added console command "DrawGroupRoute" that draws a route of a specific convoy.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Added "Rebase" command to quickly change flotillas.
- (Preview 10, 27.08.2019 22:10) Added "Install" command to quickly install upgrades for testing.

- Ships now slow down a bit before turning to better follow their route. It helps a bit to navigate in ports.
- Salvage replacement parts action wasn't correctly stopped in case of encountering problems in the process.
- Officers assigned to duty through management screen started with a single health point.
- Portraits of newly added officers appear on the leftmost position instead of taking the place of a skipper.
- Isles-class trawlers weren't treated as military ships and they didn't behave fully correctly.
- Gibraltar is now a bit less densely populated.
- Russian localization fixes.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Diver's portrait was blank after returning back to the ship. The root cause could occasionally cause other graphical glitches too.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Diver could become permanently stuck, if something wouldn't allow him to get to the place from which he jumps like placing an order to submerge.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Characters could in very specific conditions not react to any move orders until they were deselected and selected back again.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Unloading a torpedo from a launcher into the torpedo storages above the pressure hull could cause invisible wall problem.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Fixes to pathfinding problems.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Large calibre ammo wasn't resupplied at some ports, if all units were bought out in a single day (this problem is carried on in the game states).
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Salvaging scrap to replacement parts wasn't working well with manual item delivery setting.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Remaining battery running time in the tooltip could be displayed as a negative number, if player installed improved batteries on the u-boat.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) It was possible in extremely rare cases for a port to be permanently removed from the game after unspawning.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Characters could become stuck at their stations.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Welder mask is no longer rendered on the portraits.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Torpedo explosions exert less force on hit ships to make situations where other torpedoes from the series slip under the ship less likely.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Exterior hatch could be displayed open despite being closed.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Fix for u-boats getting stuck in land areas after time skipping in ports.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) NPC u-boats were sometimes ignoring skirmishes with the aircraft and would continue to hunt ships.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) OG and ON convoys were crossing land at some point on their path.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Fixes to encounters between NPC groups on the map.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Fix for a problem where officer's helper would appear on the portrait in the targeting UI instead of the officer.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Newly added officers appear on the leftmost position also in the TAB menu.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Officer limit on board was preserved from the previous session after restarting sandbox.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Completed assignment summary was sometimes displaying incorrect objectives.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Fix for one looped error that could have some effect on the performance, if certain steps were followed.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Headquarter task progress notification on the right could appear completely white.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Fix to propellers rotation direction.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Officer that returned from an external mission to u-boat's stern could get stuck there and not be able to move, if he appeared at a certain spot.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Ship group AI was sometimes becoming locked up when ships belonging to it approached land too close.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Line of sight checking code had mistake that could sometimes make enemy units disappear from the sight without reason near lands.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) MTB physics should be now much less "jumpy" on a high time compression.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Enemy units should no longer get beached in normal gameplay situations.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Radio transmissions notification and a number below radioman portrait could display a wrong number of available transmissions nearby.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Added a bunch of ship names for Flower-class corvettes and MTBs.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Size of an enemy group detected by a direction finder is now unknown.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Cut off power in a compartment was stopping water propagation in it.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Fix for "Death Decrease" notifications.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Minor fixes to automatically reported errors in the code. They didn't had any gameplay side effects, but could contribute to certain graphical glitches.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) UI that is normally visible when camera orbits NPC unit could get stuck on the screen, if certain steps were performed.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Lost radio transmission notification is now informing which transmission was lost.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Another fix for a problem that could lead to an infinite loading of a game state.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) It wasn't possible to spot AA guns in a port after reloading a game state in that port.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Periscope sight range was very low after reloading a game state where it was extended until its elevation was adjusted at least a bit.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Hydrophone ship targetting performance is now lower.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Headquarters task progress notification was blank, if associated task was already completed in a loaded game state.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Small performance improvements.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Torpedo mechanic was sometimes trying to warm up torpedoes that were ordered to be unloaded. That was causing some problems.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) It's no longer possible to change selection after opening torpedo launchers UI to prevent mistakes.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Item's stack limit could become doubled after reloading a game state.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Headquarters were transmitting some of their messages in a very short timeframe, often not giving player enough time to receive them in case of bad weather etc.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Fix for entering and leaving group areas in an infinite loop (it's an unrelated issue to the infinite loading of area).
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Damaged propellers could still make sounds as if they were working.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Fixed placement for docked NPC ships. They were often placed too deep, far from their normal waterlines.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) U-boat from the lost ship mission could sometimes move around on the map before being met by the player.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Improved game startup time.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Cursor was disappearing for a while during transition from the menu to a loading screen.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Torpedo launchers UI is now automatically closed, if target becomes invalid to avoid firing torpedoes in an unexpected direction.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Fire button in torpedo launchers UI is blocked, if fire solution data becomes insufficient.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) It wasn't possible to get a reward for the assignment, if player would reload a game state in the destination port before taking the reward.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Memory usage and stutter optimizations.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Small calibre AP ammo is now correctly resupplied since the beginning of the game.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) It's no longer possible to aim guns during a pause.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Section view camera could become permanently zoomed out from the ship.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Physics performance optimizations. Distant minor objects are being disabled from the simulation.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Engineer could sometimes get stuck at the diesel engines after ship submerged. He could also don't move to the electric engines, if he had no selected role.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Contacts list items could intersect with each other.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Targeted ships had noticeably larger hitbox than their icons. They could occlude other ships.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Periscope could affect ship visibility deep under water, if certain steps were followed.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) It's no longer possible to play cards with the crew after u-boat dives below periscope depth.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Beds in the bow torpedo room were often staying visible when they should be hidden in the section view.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Underwater effect could sometimes be seen without reason in Battery Room no. 2 at the closest zoom of the section view.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Improvements and fixes to the way how instant resource changes are presented at the resources bar.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Radioman had duplicated hydrophone listening action.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Mission objective marker wasn't clickable for map course plotting in ally help mission.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Officer could get stuck on the bow or stern of the target ship while travelling on a dinghy.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Game states saved during depth charge attacks weren't loading.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Characters evacuating from the compartment now take the wounded with them, if there are still free beds somewhere.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Rescuing and wounded character have now better matching poses while they wait for their turn near the hatches.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Diseases spread much more slowly. This change doesn't affect hunger-induced conditions.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Hunger phases are progressing much more slowly.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Crew could celebrate sinking of their allies.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) After player sinks any German ship crew no longer gets discipline rewards for sinking any ships.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Use of data collected by an officer to fire torpedo at a stationary target was resulting in torpedoes being fired in a random direction.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Food variety in the kitchen increases food consumption (not linearly).
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Added icon for evacuation action.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Characters that became injured at least once in their lifetimes were stopping to be reliably aware in which compartment they are currently in. That could cause unexpected behaviour. Their physics performance impact was also becoming unnecessary high.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Animations of picking up and placing a wounded character on the bed were simplified to avoid occlusion with geometry in cramped spaces. Synchronization between the characters was improved.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Particle effects are not played on distant ships to increase performance.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Small performance improvements that eliminate some types of occasional stutter.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Fix for occasional "clicks" happening without actually clicking.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Ammunition storages can now be opened without having a selected character.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Pressurized air is now much less likely to escape from the tanks and compartments through holes in the lower parts of the ship. It helps the ship to stay buoyant in a rough weather.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Character destination marker wasn't visible in the view that orbits ship or if the destination was in port.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) It's now possible to issue "go to" orders from the section view and orbiting view at ports.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Crew energy levels are restored after crew returns from a vacation.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Map camera no longer follows u-boat after zooming it out to a world scale. This movement was sometimes making it hard to plot a course.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Routes set to a mission marker were sometimes staying outdated and would not follow target group.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Some devices on board were still functional after batteries became depleted or power distribution boards would be damaged.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Stationary targets from ignored or failed missions are cleaned up from the map.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Side missions are now much more rare during a free roam.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Navigator is less likely to stay at the station, if there is other work to do and he already determined ship's position well enough.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Allied u-boats could pass their observations to the player. That could produce unwanted contacts when player's ship was submerged.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Medic role was stopping to work correctly after reloading a game state.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Medic was automatically helping only the wounded crew and ignored ill characters.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Evacuation wasn't affecting officers after reloading a game state.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) After power distribution board becomes damaged, all switch icons are hidden for a cleaner view.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Lost on the sea notification was displaying a different icon during an initial blinking animation.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Different icon was displayed after hovering a notification that warns the player about a dangerous depth.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Wheel menu with actions was often closing itself, if it was opened in FPP on the open sea and ship was moving.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Camera is better at determining when it enters u-boat's hull to avoid displaying empty geometry in a free camera mode.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Underwater audio effect wasn't being enabled under water in compartments.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Bugged highlight could be displayed at (0, 0) world coordinates.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Valves above the hatch between Control Room and Battery Room no. 2 were gone for at least a few versions.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Characters were sometimes taking one step ahead before starting an animation (like torpedo unloading) making that animation unaligned with other objects that participate in that animation.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Hull breach damage decals were often incorrectly rendering on top of the leak particles.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Warning on torpedo launchers was sometimes suggesting that loading torpedoes with rebreather on is possible.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) From now on, if character dies, is removed from duty or starts to bail water, his belongings are moved to the ship storage instead of being lost.
- (Preview 6, 23.08.2019 09:20) Characters that were being rescued were loading incorrectly from a saved game state.
- (Preview 6, 23.08.2019 09:20) Characters that fight with each other now have better aligned animations.
- (Preview 6, 23.08.2019 09:20) Some lights could remain active in compartments with cut off electricity after reloading a game state.
- (Preview 7, 23.08.2019 16:00) Crew members working at stations could sometimes be invisible after loading a saved game state until they were given any order.
- (Preview 7, 23.08.2019 16:00) Sailors assigned to an officer could occasionally leave their stations and go to bed, even though they were still figuring as they would be working.
- (Preview 7, 23.08.2019 16:00) Crash fix related to newspaper pooling.
- (Preview 7, 23.08.2019 16:00) Added wrench model to engineer's hand during matching repair animations.
- (Preview 8, 24.08.2019 12:45) Right-clicking on an activator that doesn't have any actions available no longer does anything.
- (Preview 8, 24.08.2019 12:45) Crew members could start to behave oddly, if galley became flooded.
- (Preview 8, 24.08.2019 12:45) Bleeding countdown was overlapping with character's health points.
- (Preview 8, 24.08.2019 12:45) Wounded crew is now carried to moderately flooded compartments, if there are no dry ones available. They are also carried between compartments, if there are safer places available.
- (Preview 8, 24.08.2019 12:45) Sick crew wasn't carried out from flooded compartments (only wounded were carried).
- (Preview 8, 24.08.2019 12:45) If timing was very precise, characters would sometimes try to carry to safety their crewmates that just got cured.
- (Preview 8, 24.08.2019 12:45) Fix for crashes to desktop after buying large quantities of small calibre ammunition.
- (Preview 8, 24.08.2019 12:45) Target is now synchronized between manual periscope/UZO mode and the order for the officer.
- (Preview 8, 24.08.2019 12:45) Officer now doesn't move the periscope for 10 seconds after player leaves the manual mode.
- (Preview 8, 24.08.2019 12:45) Officer correctly aims the periscope at the target that he is currently tracking.
- (Preview 8, 24.08.2019 12:45) Right mouse clicks on ships seen through the periscope were plotting course to them. It's no longer the case.
- (Preview 8, 24.08.2019 12:45) Automated fire solution isn't improved in the background anymore, while player uses periscope manually.
- (Preview 9, 26.08.2019 21:40) Fix to a problem that could make random character models become missing.
- (Preview 9, 26.08.2019 21:40) Collection of fixes to automatically reported errors in the code.
- (Preview 9, 26.08.2019 21:40) Time compression could stop working, if player submerged while being bombed by an aircraft.
- (Preview 9, 26.08.2019 21:40) Characters that are hidden for any reason now cannot be hovered.
- (Preview 9, 26.08.2019 21:40) It wasn't possible to enter open sea after loading some game states.
- (Preview 9, 26.08.2019 21:40) Freighter names are now written on port and starboard.
- (Preview 9, 26.08.2019 21:40) Ship name and crew weren't visible through periscope on a ship unless player approached very close.
- (Preview 9, 26.08.2019 21:40) Ships that were quickly sunk with their crews on board could continue to transmit radio messages.
- (Preview 9, 26.08.2019 21:40) Portrait copies could become stuck near the "idle" task in the action queue.
- (Preview 10, 27.08.2019 22:10) 43U gun on Turm IV was sometimes not repairable by the engineers. This issue may be carried on from the previous saves.
- (Preview 10, 27.08.2019 22:10) "Ghost" character no longer appears after hovering manned 43U flak gun.
- (Preview 10, 27.08.2019 22:10) Crew enters u-boat faster by ladders.
- (Preview 10, 27.08.2019 22:10) Heart attacks are less lethal. Added notification that informs player what happened.
- (Preview 10, 27.08.2019 22:10) User measurements on map use 10 meter precision instead of 50 meters.
- (Preview 10, 27.08.2019 22:10) Both u-boat turning radius and turning time should now match values from Type VIIC manual.
- (Preview 10, 27.08.2019 22:10) Navigation factors were adjusted in a way that ensures that there is no risk of getting lost in the time that navigator needs to rest after he fixes ship position in 100%.
- (Preview 10, 27.08.2019 22:10) Player ship could sometimes stop following any routes after reloading a game state.
- (Preview 11, 28.08.2019 23:40) Added warning about 416.02 and 416.15 NVidia drivers to the main menu, if player has NVidia card.
- (Preview 11, 28.08.2019 23:40) Fixes to issues with 43U flak gun not being aimed correctly by the crew.
- (Preview 11, 28.08.2019 23:40) Added simple animation for 43U flak gun user.
- (Preview 11, 28.08.2019 23:40) Small stability fixes.
- (Preview 11, 28.08.2019 23:40) Depth preset buttons weren't working correctly after skipper died.
- (Preview 11, 28.08.2019 23:40) Latest community translations.
- (Preview 12, 29.08.2019 14:55) Time skipping sometimes didn't work properly in ports after loading a game state that was saved on a previous version of the game and during off duty time.
- (Preview 12, 29.08.2019 14:55) Targeting UI wasn't fully functional after reloading a game state.
- (Preview 12, 29.08.2019 14:55) It's no longer possible to set aircraft as a target for the periscope operator by right clicking it on the map.
- (Preview 12, 29.08.2019 14:55) Various improvements to cracked hull physics. Added sound effect for hull cracking.
- (Preview 12, 29.08.2019 14:55) Generic freighter deck contents could disappear after its hull has cracked.
- (Preview 13, 30.08.2019 09:10) Some work slots could keep being marked as being flooded after air inside compartment stopped to be toxic.
- (Preview 13, 30.08.2019 09:10) Automated repairs were stopping to work, if player had Turm IV installed and reloaded a game state.
- (Preview 13, 30.08.2019 09:10) Observation periscope was not repairable.
- (Preview 14, 31.08.2019 16:40) Green mission markers weren't always fully consistent with the current observation data and they could spoil target's position.
- (Preview 14, 31.08.2019 16:40) Player's ship radar detectability wasn't affected by fog and rain due to a mistake in the code.
- (Preview 14, 31.08.2019 16:40) 5th engine gear was sometimes reverting back to 4th.
- (Preview 14, 31.08.2019 16:40) Minor fixes to animations used by the crew at the diesel engines.
- (Preview 14, 31.08.2019 16:40) Target group could disappear from the map view during certain missions, leaving only an objective marker.
- (Preview 14, 31.08.2019 16:40) Camera could freeze after zooming it at the character occupying a station, if certain steps were followed.
- (Preview 14, 31.08.2019 16:40) User interface was gone, if device manual mode was left in a certain way.
- (Preview 14, 31.08.2019 16:40) Accessory items were restocked in ports in a way that could make certain item types to be consistently unavailable.
- (Preview 14, 31.08.2019 16:40) Two accessory item slots at ports were left unused and weren't restocked.
- (Preview 14, 31.08.2019 16:40) Diving suits are now correctly produced by Reich and restocked at ports. They are no longer a part of the standard loadout after starting a sandbox.
- (Preview 14, 31.08.2019 16:40) Latest community translations.
- (Preview 14, 31.08.2019 16:40) Large calibre ammunition would sometimes stop to be restocked at ports.
- (Preview 14, 31.08.2019 16:40) Guns could become unuseable, if certain steps were followed that involved loading game states in a specific order.
- (Preview 14, 31.08.2019 16:40) Camera's near and far clip plane could be wrong, if game states with different view modes were loaded in a specific order.
- (Preview 15, 31.08.2019 21:10) Character assigned to the attack periscope was becoming automatically assigned to UZO after u-boat submerged below periscope depth. He couldn't get there and was then doing nothing.
- (Preview 16, 01.09.2019 10:25) Fix for food disappearing from the kitchen after following certain steps.
- (Preview 16, 01.09.2019 10:25) Previously wounded crew couldn't be healed after reloading a game state.
- (Preview 16, 01.09.2019 10:25) Character's personal perks could be reset after re-adding him to the crew.
- (Hotfix 1, 03.09.2019 11:20) Targets of missions regarding player's allies were appearing on the map before a radio message was received.
- (Hotfix 1, 03.09.2019 11:20) Player's officers talking in port were looking away from the port officer.
- (Hotfix 1, 03.09.2019 11:20) It's now possible to place move orders for officers from the map view without simultaneously changing the course.
- (Hotfix 1, 03.09.2019 11:20) Dialogue camera viewing ranges were off, if dialogue was initiated from the map view.
- (Hotfix 1, 03.09.2019 11:20) FPP view range is now configurable in General.xlsx/Settings/Camera.
- (Hotfix 1, 03.09.2019 11:20) Latest community translations.

Fixes to problems introduced in B124:
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Surface ships drop depth charges with lower accuracy when compared to the previous version.
- (Preview 2, 09.08.2019 13:20) Newly added officer could have a missing portrait since previous version.
- (Preview 3, 10.08.2019 22:00) Enemy warships now don't stop to search for the submarine, if their depth charges run out.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Completed missions could be missing from the completed assignment summary.
- (Preview 4, 13.08.2019 14:25) Hydrophone targetting performance was further reduced.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Scene sounds were being played on the loading screen.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Radio transmission notification was appearing for certain transmissions even without radioman on the station.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Some bunks could become permanently blocked after crew received injuries.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Further pathfinding fixes that among other things fix problem where character that carries wounded crewman would drop him without reason.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Bow torpedo room upper beds could still remain visible in the section view and occlude the view.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) "Walk" orders weren't being automatically cancelled after switching to FPP.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Increased water tolerance during power distribution board repairs.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Sleeping officers would not evacuate from the compartment.
- (Preview 5, 22.08.2019 19:15) Light bulbs couldn't be repaired during evacuation.
- (Preview 6, 23.08.2019 09:20) Occlusion culling fixes. It was removing geometry too aggressively in a few places.
- (Preview 6, 23.08.2019 09:20) Torpedo mechanic could occasionally become blocked between the bulkhead and the torpedo, if high time compression was used.
- (Preview 6, 23.08.2019 09:20) Warmed up torpedoes are displayed with a red font in the torpedo launcher hint.
- (Preview 7, 23.08.2019 16:00) Animation of getting up from the bed was often playing unaligned with the bed.
- (Preview 7, 23.08.2019 16:00) Crew could occasionally stay in an evacuated compartment.
- (Preview 8, 24.08.2019 12:45) Characters could still get stuck at the stern after returning from an external mission, if Turm 0 was installed on the u-boat.
- (Preview 8, 24.08.2019 12:45) Patrols in Gibraltar are set to be even less numerous to improve performance. There are more destroyers in place of corvettes, to compensate the difficulty.
- (Preview 8, 24.08.2019 12:45) Wounded crew is now healing fine inside flooded compartments as long as water doesn't flood their beds. At this point their treatment stops and they cannot be treated until they are moved somewhere else.
- (Preview 8, 24.08.2019 12:45) Leading officer dialogue could become bugged after reloading a game state saved in certain mission conditions since Preview 6.
- (Preview 8, 24.08.2019 12:45) Objects discoverable by periscope like AA guns weren't displaying properly since Preview 6.
- (Preview 9, 26.08.2019 21:40) Buoyancy after a full dive procedure is again neutral.
- (Preview 9, 26.08.2019 21:40) Food could sometimes disappear after starting a new sandbox or tutorial.
- (Preview 10, 27.08.2019 22:10) Stern torpedo room wasn't visible from battery room no. 1 in FPP after recent changed to occlusion culling.
- (Preview 11, 28.08.2019 23:40) Heart attack notification had a missing localization at the top display. Wound notification is no longer displayed for characters that have a heart attack.
- (Preview 11, 28.08.2019 23:40) Fixes to placement of a few ports to match terrain changes from Preview 5.
- (Preview 12, 29.08.2019 14:55) Increased compatibility with B123 game states. Save system handles cases of ports being moved in the world or new ports being added. Only port in which player was docked in the save keeps its position from that save.
- (Preview 13, 30.08.2019 09:10) 43U flak gun changes weren't properly carried on when a save from an older version was loaded.
- (Preview 13, 30.08.2019 09:10) Device state hints could stop to appear.
- (Preview 14, 31.08.2019 16:40) Flash/noise from torpedo explosions could be spotted/heard by distant NPC ships even in a bad weather.
- (Preview 14, 31.08.2019 16:40) Sailors that were assigned to an officer, but idle could be unwilling to evacuate from a compartment.
- (Preview 15, 31.08.2019 21:10) Aircraft were trying too hard to continue the fight after taking heavy damage.
- (Preview 15, 31.08.2019 21:10) Minor aircraft accuracy adjustments.
- (Preview 15, 31.08.2019 21:10) Valves were causing errors during repairs.
- (Preview 15, 31.08.2019 21:10) Flak series ending audio effect was too loud.
- (Preview 15, 31.08.2019 21:10) Convoys travelling to Gibraltar are smaller to help for performance issues near Gibraltar.

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