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Re: DCS: Updates....

Notapor Beltza el 04 Jul 2019 22:55

Última actualización con correcciones de errores y algunos añadidos:

o7 nos vemos en las nubes.
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Re: DCS: Updates....

Notapor Beltza el 19 Jul 2019 08:13

Ayer se produjo la última actualización del DCS Open Beta.

Hay resolución de algunos bugs y pequeños avances en varios aviones.
Sin embargo, esta actualización trae un montón de bugs, algunos regresan y otros son de nuevo cuño. Y no son menores.
Es posible que tal y como están las cosas, me pase a jugar en la versión estable del juego.

Introduced F/A-18C Aggressors BFM campaign by Maple Flag

DCS World
AI Wingmen will no longer call out “Tally Bandit” if bandits are within 4km of each other, this is to cut down on the number of “Tally Bandit” calls.
Scripting Engine. Function coalition.getAllCargos and coalition.getStaticObjects corrected.
Bug with misaligned yellow boxes in tutorial missions is fixed.
Corrected Stinger MANPADS guidance.
Fixed bug when aircraft with Search Then Engage task attack Air Defenses when Air Defense checkboxes are unchecked.
Corrected Linebacker and Avenger SAMs exceeding elevation of missile trajectory that could cause a miss on low level targets.
Redesign of the Mission Editor MAP, SAT, ALT buttons in lower information bar.
Time setting fields restored in the AVI recording panel.
In the Mission Editor, when LATE ACTIVATION is unchecked - VISIBLE bef. ACTIVATION checkbox will be grayed-out (disabled).
Reworked Audio Settings volume sliders sensitivity. ’World’ slider now only affects external views.

HUD TD box now shows a hemisphere over it when both ownship and donor classify a contact as friendly.
Extending the landing gear after a belly landing will no longer cause an explosion.
Fixed loss of Gun use after firing off all Mavericks.
Zuni Rockets no longer pause after every 4 rockets.
Hydra Rockets no longer stop firing after 4 rockets.
PLID & STEP functions have been added to the SA Page - Currently WIP.
INTERVAL BOMBING in AUTO & CCIP modes has been fixed.
Wing fold function removed from auto start sequence on CV.
Pilot kneeboard is now functional.
Corrected NVG graphics artifacts.

DCS Fw 190 A-8
Adjusted gun sight glass tint.
Increase/Decrease RPM Mouse Tips in wrong place was removed.
Control stick connectors and lamp intensity animation added.
Clock connectors and animation corrected.
Added animation for the CB covers.

Combined Arms
Units will no longer fire unless they have a direct line of sight to the commanded target.
Adjusted the sound volume of the Igla MANPAD.

CTD when entering a new waypoint bug fix.
INS Stuck on invalid steerpoint bug fix.
EHSD not clearing after un-designating a target bug fix.
EHSD does not display range to waypoint bug fix.
EHSD Waypoint numbering corrected when using SEQ bug fix.
Kneeboard now displays the AWLS channel list.
RWR Codes updated to include J-11A and F-14B.

DCS M-2000c by RAZBAM
PCA/HUD logic modified.
Master Arm functionality modified.
MAGIC and CAN (AA guns) can only be selected by HOTAS.
Special modes switch functionality modified.
RWR Codes updated to include J-11A and F-14B.
Please see notes in ED Forums to learn about new PCA/HUD logic

DCS AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations
Reduced probability Rb15s fired in random group mode will target the same ship.
Removed invalid error-warning in dcs.log output.

Corrected training missions. For mission progress the trigger wait for specified command (gun trigger 2nd position), so if user have re-assigned Space key, training mission will stuck. This action replaced with "Start Wait User Response"/"Stop Wait User Response" pair for all such cases.

DCS Yak-52
Some gauges appear to stay dark even in sunlight - fixed.

Un saludo.
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Re: DCS: Updates....

Notapor Beltza el 01 Ago 2019 11:38

Hola pilotos.

Ahí va la última actualización de la openbeta. Lo más notable, la inclusión del TPOD o sistema de óptico de localización, designación y marcación por laser de objetivos para el F18. Un esperado paso adelante de este módulo.
También se han corregido muchos fallos que dio la última actualización de la beta, lo cual es de agradecer.

Supported new Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger Campaign by Reflected Simulation

DCS World
Stinger and Igla manpad missiles. Corrected guidance logic and the motor and booster data.
AGM-88 HARM will now update emitter tracking while the missile is in flight for better accuracy against slow-moving targets.
Improved the AGM-84E Harpoon launch effects.
MP. SSE. Dynamically spawned and hidden units will no longer be visible to clients.
MP. Serverlist: Fixed only 16 symbols being visible in the server player names.
MP. JTAC will now respond to all wingmen, not just the group lead.
Encyclopedia. Fixed KDO mod.40.
Fixed ground unit AI sometimes getting stuck on a bridge if the terrain leading up to the bridge is above it.
Scripting Engine: Corrected Unit.getPosition() function.
Fixed incorrect behavior of aircraft AI on the carrier deck if you give control to AI (takeoff from parking).
PAI : AV-8B AI will landing to deck vertically, not as conventional aircraft.

DCS: F/A-18C
The initial release of the AA/ANQ-28 Litening Targeting Pod (WIP). Other modes like air-to-air mode, INR tracking, additional HUD symbology, and slave to target point, and other functions will be added later in early access.
Marking a target on the SA page with PLID now is shown correctly on the radar page.
Sharing PLID info in Multiplayer displayed correctly to and from donors.
STEP data now matches Radar Data for a selected target.
SA page STEP marker doesn't pass through all displayed contacts - fixed
SA page EXPAND option added
JDAM TOO mode does not respect WPTs loaded as TOO MSN 1 or TOO MSN 2 - fixed
Radar shows target as hostile even if DL and NTCR are turned off - fixed
MSI: donor HAFU not displayed on RADAR page - fixed
Fixed a crash that could happen when trying to restart AUTO at the end of a WP route.
Fixed disabling AUTO in mid-route could break AUTO sequence.
TDC movement now shuts off STEP.
Radar altimeter is now set correctly at zero before Hornet start-up.
Updated the Hornet Guide.
Fixed CTD when setting bomb interval.
After this Open Beta, the next big system to add will be the AGM-84D Harpoon anti-ship missile.

DCS: Bf-109K-4
Fixed the MW50 gauge animation.
Ammunition counters are now pre-set.
Ammunition counter dials now work with assigned axis.

Fixed odd yawing behavior over 300 knots.

A-10C LWS could not see other aircraft lasers from more than 3-4 km; this has been increased to 10 km.

Canopy glass at opened canopy removed

DCS Fw 190 D-9
Asymmetric loadouts are prohibited.
Fixed artificial horizon not being powered.

DCS Fw 190 A-8
Light animation tuned. CockpitLocalPoint coordinates, cockpit external geometry edited.

TPOD Slave bug fix (Known issue it will not track moving vehicles locked by the DMT).
Kneeboard update: Target points 1 to 4 display (WiP).

DCS M-2000c by RAZBAM
Disabled keyboard input file bug fix.
MAGIC Select/Visor Down bug fix.
MAGIC Select improved.
Specific HUD page for POL.
POL behaviour fixed.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
Added pitch trim indicator light operation (it was previously working trim light test only, now the light illuminates also when trimming, via normal or emergency trimming, front and rear cockpit). (C-101EB and C-101CC).
Added functionality of ADI DH light to both front and rear cockpit (it illuminates now when a/c altitude is below decision height).
GA light in rear cockpit ADI illuminates now as well (previously only front cockpit GA light was operative).
Partially fixed multicrew sync for canopies.

FA-18C Aggressors BFM Campaign by Maple Flag: Corrected Tanker speeds, altitudes, radios and TACANs. Updated documents to add tanker info.
DCS BS2 Republic: Minor changes in 05 mission
P-51D High Stakes Campaign: 10th - targets moved to clearings, 9-th - oil tanks replaced.
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Re: DCS: Updates....

Notapor Alois Zech el 01 Ago 2019 17:16

::plas: ::plas: ::plas:

Muchas Gracias por la información, siempre atento.

Ahora que estamos de vacaciones y con mas tiempo para dedicarlo al simulador, continuamos con el modulo del Harrier.

Algún dia conseguiré volarlo.. ::glups ::glups

Un saludo.

Alois Zech
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Re: DCS: Updates....

Notapor Beltza el 01 Ago 2019 21:33

Juer, Alois; ¿y cuando vas a volar con nosotros?
Espero verte en septiembre, a la vuelta de las vacaciones. Y volamos juntos con el Harrier que es el módulo que más me gusta.
Por cierto, hoy han puesto nuevas imágenes de las JDAM en el Harrier ::plas: ::plas: .
Un saludo.
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Turbulencias en DCS

Notapor Beltza el 31 Ago 2019 07:52

Hola comandantes.
En este vídeo publicado por Eagle Dynamics demuestran cómo funcionan las turbulencias creadas por los aviones. Es una maravilla ver que eso también está simulado en el juego.
Es un tema que hay que tener muy en cuenta. Cuando vas a repostar debes tener cuidado de evitar las turbulencias del avión cisterna. O mucho más peligroso es despegar detrás de un compañero y meterte en sus turbulencias.

Un saludo.
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Re: DCS: Updates....

Notapor Beltza el 27 Nov 2019 17:30

Importante actualización la de hoy, sobre todo para el F16:

DCS Open Beta 2019-11-27

Added initial release of DCS Voice Chat

DCS World
ChinaAssetPack: Add all JF-17 related weapons
Fixed DCS crash in AI Follow task.
Fixed GUI Error when use Trigger Zone window after change locale.
Server folders navigation will work in case of user name in windows contains dash symbol '-' (2D hex).
Graphic options. Graphic preset "High" will set "Default" value for "Terrain objects shadows".
ME. Custom coalition list isn't applied to new mission if it isn't saved - fixed.
Shadows of some aircrafts will not disappear in some conditions.
In relation of integrating the Voice Chat there was implemented new SOUND options.
AI Wingmen will use radar by default without player permission.
SPG Msta armour tweaked.
Fixed crash caused by train destroying.
MP. Fixed servers disappearing from the master list (error 28 ).

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet
Added damage as a result of an overload of G-forces
Added Aft Antenna for the AWW-13 Data Link Pod
Fixed dispensing on both press and release by wall dispense button.
AGM-62 Walleye trying to lock target right after uncage fix.
Added noise on Walleye/Data Link video.
AGM-62 Walleye select/deselect fix.
AGM-62 Walleye Datalink interaction fix.
Drop Tank Textures on VFA-106 skins fixed.
Added illumination of some knobs in cockpit. Albedo of come cockpit textures tuned.

DCS: F-16C Viper
Jettison will no longer break SAM designation or STT Lock.
Added damage as a result of an overload of G-forces
Track While Scan (TWS)
Data Link (Link-16 with MIDS)
External Lights (wip)
Countermeasures Dispenser System (CMDS) manual option programming
Fixed countermeasures rearming.
Fixed dispensing on both press and release by wall dispense button.
Corrected RWS Contact Symbols. Now contact displayed as a small square with velocity vector.
Now radar scan area centered about cursor.
Radar cursor is drawn below friendly and foe contacts - fixed.
FCR tracks bugged target up to 20 degrees outside antenna limits - fixed.
FCR cursor jumps from page edge to center even at max/min range scale - fixed.
Added missing SAI pitch trim scale and arrow on the knob.
Corrected antenna elevation axis.
Added 300 gal centerline fuel tank.
Adjusted payloads drag.
MFD Clips text on SMS page - fixed.
The eject sequence animation has been adjusted.
Adjusting the seat animation by height corrected.
Added radio-commands for radar usage to wingmen.
Improved cockpit interior lighting at night.
Added MPO test function.
Added AUTO Steerpoint sequence function.
Long press of the NWS/MSL Step button will now cycle the missile type.
HMCS enable/disable corrected such that it is only DMS switch aft now.
AoA indexer lights control added.
Tadpole (sherm) logic adjusted.
Adjusted engine nozzle animation for short, fast throttle changes.
Steerpoints now start at Steerpoint 1, there is no Steerpoint 0.

DCS: MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC
Added Phase 1 Radar glass screen cover.
Added Phase 1 Radar indicator lights.
Added Phase 1 T-4, T-6, and T-10 indicator lights.

DCS: Christen Eagle II by Magnitude 3 LLC
Fixed propeller animation at idle.

DCS: C-101 by AvioDev
Engine won't stall now when using emergency fuel lever with engine computer off.
Now it's not so easy to get engine stall when moving throttle abruptly is engine computer is off.
Changed the name of "computer total failure" for "failure of auto and manual modes (back-up mode)".
Added specific normal inverter and standby inverter failures, apart from both inverters failure already present.
Implemented caution lights of normal and standby inverter failure.
Normal and standby inverters failure logic:
-After a failure of normal inverter there is an automatic switching to standby inverter, if CB Normal Inverter is IN.
-When there is an inverter failure, the corresponding caution light will illuminate, unless the pilot sets the inverter switch to the position of the working inverter.
Added several new liveries made by "Etten" for Chile and Spain.

3D Model: RWR display cutting off symbology fixed
3D Model: PCA CAS button texture changed
Coding: RWR & Radar threat library update
Coding: Covered switches behavior fix

DCS Fw 190 A-8
Eliminated black stripe artefact that was displayed after pilot ejection.

Pilots not die at external view - fixed.
Good old mission "A Hop from MinVody" (Russian voiceovers) is remade and available from Single Mission menu.

DCS Combined Arms
Clients unable to assign fire at point tasks via Combined Arms for units dynamically spawned in multiplayer - fixed.

Known issues
Known issue: track reproducing crash when Voice Chat option is set ON
Workaround: set the checkbox 'Voice Chat' in OPTIONS -> SOUND to OFF

Un saludo.
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DCS Supercarrier Preview

Notapor Beltza el 06 Dic 2019 20:26

Primer vídeo oficial de anuncio del módulo del nuevo portaaviones. Es espectacular:

A ver si lo publican pronto. Yo espero que no tarde mucho una vez que han sacado esta preview.
Un saludo.
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Re: DCS: Updates....

Notapor Beltza el 16 Feb 2020 22:44

El día 14 de febrero se publicó la beta 2.5.6 con muchos nuevos aportes y mejoras. Como siempre trae sus propios bugs.
Aquí un vídeo con algunas cosas nuevas del update:

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Re: DCS: Updates....

Notapor Beltza el 20 May 2020 15:59

Hoy gran actualización de DCS con la publicación beta del supercarrier:


DCS Open Beta Super Carrier Early access
DCS World

Unit health bars On could cause FPS drop - fixed
Mission Editor - Individual Ship Icons in a group will no longer disappear on zoom out
Mission Editor - Changing a FARP Country will no longer reset its position
Mission Editor - Dragging an aircraft on a carrier no longer resets parking to spot #1
Mission Editor - Template menu no longer returns to USA with previous countries template
Controls GUI corrupts when scrolling - fixed
WS ship defence not defending against AGM-65. RCS limitation of CIWS Phalanx has been reduced
BGM-109B. Engine and autopilot modified. Extended range to 1700km
The effect of tracer bullets has been restored
Eliminated midnight light phenomenon
Browning guns sound update
AI ground units get stuck navigating around destroyed buildings - fixed
AI ground units refuse to move if the last WP is near a building - fixed
E-2D. Corrected collision mode and damage animation
AI aircraft unable to connect with the tanker while in a turn - fixed
Cannot move a point "Fire on point" and the similar points until you select the task in the panel of tasks - fixed
Damage model. Set up master compass damage for German aircraft
ME. Group renaming action has no immediate effect in the list - fixed
VR. Added option of the bloom effect and configure the MSAA mask
ME. Tab order on waypoint screen is out of order - fixed
Sound. No possibility to change sound devices in simulation - fixed
MP. Reduced warping and rubberbanding
MP. Improved deck landing and takeoff
MP. Improved time sync and timeout detection
MP. Added country flags to the server
MP. Player's aircraft doesn't appear in multiplayer tracks if the server was paused during the connection - fixed
MP. Dedicated server. Fill missing entries in options.lua with defaults at webgui start
MP. Favorite star in the server list disappears after refresh - fixed
MP. Laser marks remain if user left server or switches slot - fixed
MP. Fixed client desync when server was paused right in the moment of the client’s initialization
Fixed a problem with shader lines of variable length, doing constant vertices recalc
Cockpit panels illumination of AI wingmen from external F2 is not visible - fixed
S-25L missile disappears without explosion when hit the tree - fixed
The scripting engine function Object.destroy() does nothing on scenery objects. The objects remain. Fixed
AI vehicles do not follow a simple off road route - fixed
MP. Dedicated Server. A server admin using the dedicated server GUI interface to send a message into the simulation will appear as white text in the simulation. A server message to all pilots will be red
Static units can not be placed under hardcover - fixed
Fix not rendering tracers, FumeFX effects and etc

WWII Asset Pack
Churchill & Cromwell IV Hull Guns now function correctly with Combined Arms
Opel Blitz Embarking Fixed
Embark for Kubelwagen 82 missing - fixed
No sounds from guns in Schnellboot type S-130 - sounds added

DCS Mirage 2000c by RAZBAM
Updated cockpit model - Corrected map chart holder not stowed

GPWS "Pull Up" rules rework to make it less sensitive
TPOD now stows when placed in Standby
Sidewinder SEAM mode is enabled
Sidewinder firing when not in AA mode bug fix
Sidearm firing when not in AG mode bug fix
MPCD + HUD Night mode update
EMERG Page with Emergency procedures is enabled

Various WCA and Auditory Cue Corrections
Corrected issue causing infinite sound bug
Improved delays of auditory cues to when the fault occurs
Improved prioritization of auditory cues based on fault priority
Fixed GEAR WCA light and auditory cue logic
Fixed errant CAUTION, CAUTION auditory alert when starting mission
Further improvements to GPWS auditory tone logic as well as corrected rules for determining GPWS alert conditions
Fixed CAUTION, CAUTION not allowed to replay for a minimum of 5 seconds if already played

DCS C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev
Optimized Collision model, reducing number of polygons to improve FPS
Improved ejection seat 3D model and added new textures
Added common bindings to EB and CC joystick profiles. Flashlight can now be assigned to joystick button
Added Airmix-100% oxygen control. Oxygen consumption works correctly on both 100% and Airmix positions. Pilot's oxygen starvation works correctly on both 100% and Airmix positions
Updated EN and ES localizations
Fixed some discrepancies in control inputs
Fixed typo in EN Flight Director training mission
Control inputs reorganization
Fixed rudder trim control input binding
Added Throttle Idle Detent - Idle and Throttle Idle Detent - Stop input commands. Previously there was only Throttle Idle Detent Toggle
Fixed throttle idle-cutoff control animation
Added Wheel Brakes axis cheat (braking both wheels at the same time) to C-101 EB and C-101 CC
Fixed missing rear cockpit pilot kill event
Oxygen breathing indicator now doesn't work if the pilot is dead or not present in the cockpit
Added PBR to stairs textures of cockpit model and external model
Antiskid is now functional
Added antiskid failure. It can now be selected in Mission Editor
Added antiskid fail due to gear damage
Added "Allow Smoke On Ground" option to Mission Editor
Smoke system of C-101EB is now not possible to activate on ground if Mission Editor option "Allow Smoke On Ground" is not ticked
Trim tone and light will go off now when reaching trimming limits
Fixed several errors in dcs.log
Added RAD TEST switch - OUT position in IFF panel to control input bindings
Sight does not change now when depressing the trigger if guard is closed
Fixed weapons switch, it starts now in the off position at mission start
Fixed roll angle marks in ADI. They now show bank angle precisely
Added 45 degrees marks to HSI
Added aft lubber line to HSI
Fixed vertical deviation scale of HSI: replaced center dot by center line
Fixed heading bug of HSI. It doesn’t overlap now fore lubber line
Mark in turn and slip indicator shows now a 3°/sec standard turn rate
Added smooth movement to turn and slip indicator needle

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations
Fixed S2_Left should not command radar stop following hpt in SAM
Fixed spt should be dropped if spt exceed scan pattern limits in DTT
Fixed ground/sea target speed filter, will not drop ground/sea target if relative speed is greater than radar speed filter gate
Fixed radar will stay in STBY and SIL mode if WOW, and STBY and SIL mode cannot be disabled manually if WOW
Fixed autostart script
Fixed Type-200 animation (walk-around, still needs ED to implement 3-stage scheme: parachute-cabin mounted -> parachute out -> engine on/parachute cabin disappears)
Fixed AI radio command: wingman 'Engage'->'My Target', AWACS 'declare'
Fixed DL contact IFF fast changing issue
Fixed CM-802AKG trajectory affected by RP (Channel 30-35) editing after MIL mode launch. Incorrect use Route Points stored in MIL POD, should use weapon independent Route Points(set by WCS before launched)
Fixed campaign/single mission animations (rework animation trk)
Fixed QFE setting caused CTD
Added radar SAM sub mode ASM/NAM:
if hpt is designated in RWS (radar mode into SAM), pilot can cycle ASM/NAM SAM sub mode by HOTAS/key S2_Left
NAM: pilot have to set radar scan az and line manually
ASM: radar scan az and line is set automatic, cannot manually set by pilot. hpt range > 20nm, 30.0 degrees 2 line; hpt range <= 20nm, 15.0 degrees, 4 line
Added DTOS/DIR mode for bomb
DIP of DTOS/DIR can be modified in MFCD->DATA->AS
DIP unit is mrad, range 30 ~ 140
Added assigned target line for self-aircraft in HSD when DL is on
Added new cockpit click sound effect (recorded from simulator)
Added Pull-up warning (based on current descent rate, if RALT will be below RALT MIN after 2 second)
Added starter ignition sound, smoke and flame (Customized effect preset will be added in next update)
Added engine start flame (Customized effect preset will be added in next update)
Added AP keybinding
Added seat up/down adjustment (limited to -58mm ~ 158mm), no default key assigned, setting->JF-17->seat
Added SRS export support
Updated FM: thrust/fuel flow
Updated cockpit model/texture
Updated landing gear model
Updated kneeboard page of APR: add ATC freq (player no need to check F10)
Adjusted TV/IR image effect
Adjusted "hacked" loadout restriction to MP only
Adjusted ground crew voiceover volume/speed
Tweak viewport export
Updated free campaign
It’s recommended to restart the campaign
Now 6 missions form a more coherent plot: 01-06
4 new missions added: 01, 02, 05, and 06
07 and 09 will rejoin the campaign once the left half of campaign missions finished later this year
07 and 09 can be played in Single

DCS AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations
Auto start/stop feature added
Probable fix to NaN warning in DCS.log
Fix to airbase names sometimes corrupting kneeboard flight plan
Fix to "unknown weapon type" warning in log
Fix so two RWR-lights are on when the emitter is between coverage of the two antennas
Fix for last signal time in ELINT-analysis
F10 markings map is now grouped by author so you can select either your own flight plan or someone else’s. Markings now also display time of creation
Improved track-replay consistency, especially for taxiing

DCS F-14B by Heatblur Simulations
Updated Cage the Bear Campaign, including two new missions - thank you Kaba!
NEW: Added 8 new missions for DCS: Supercarrier, 6x Quickstart Case 1, Case 3 and Carrier Quals for Caucasus and Persian Gulf, 2x COOP 2 to 8 Carrier Quals for both Caucasus and Persian Gulf
Correlate datalink targets on TID to sensor targets
Tweaked hostile/friendly/unknown TID symbol sizes
Fixed Jester TWS-A /TWS-M endless loop with phoenix in air and player commands during TWS-A
Fixed jester switching to RWS with scan ranges set to < 100 nm
Fixed HUD steering tee in TWS-A
Tweaks to reduce TWS ghost track formation
Reset TID tracks on PGM RESTART (“soft purge”)
Fixed HUD/VDI to use AHRS instead of INS heading
Fixed HUD glow showing without power
Major overhaul of exterior night lighting:
Lights are now brighter
Lights now cast glow
Some lights now dynamically illuminate the aircraft and environment
All lights are now visible at much greater view distances
Lowered intensity of landing light
Anti-collision and shoulder formation lights now cast dynamic lighting on the ground and other surfaces
Fixed afterburner spotlight light direction
Added salute option to comms for consistency between modules (won't trigger animation for now - Supercarrier)
Added radio comms for “Tomcat Ball” (Supercarrier)
Added keybind for “Tomcat Ball” (Supercarrier)
Fixed AI wingsweep not working on ground (Supercarrier)
Fix to comms commands for ground crew launch
Added CVN-71, CVN-72 and CVN-73 to RWR threat library (Supercarrier)
Fixed datalink connections with supercarrier. (Note: ACLS is currently off glideslope, we will fix it asap. ICLS is working as intended)
Fixed nose wheel steering scaling and initialization
Removed vJoy FFB check (Brunner stick should work now)
Reduced flap pitch moment and adjusted it vs. airspeed
Tweak to F110 fuel controller to reduce fuel flow overshoots
Probable fix to engine not re-lighting after damage or death
Adjusted flap lift and drag at speeds above deploy speed limit
Adjusted default starting pitch trim
Fixed issue where ground spoilers would deploy regardless of flap lever position with throttle at IDLE
Fixed kneel switch solenoid (no longer need to hold switch to kneel nosegear)

DCS F-18C Hornet by ED
Litening Pod:
Added Indication of the position of the aircraft (Attitude Indicator/AoA indicator/ASL/Steering Cue)
Added FLIR Laser Ranging Indication
Litening TPOD head no longer stows when in STBY or OFF (The Litening TPOD external model's head is not longer stowed when the FLIR power switch is moved to the STBY or OFF position) - Fixed
FLIR stow additional conditions (OPR status, LG down, RAlt less than 200ft/OPR status, WoW, Ground Speed more than 5kts) - Fixed
LTD/R switch should have 2 positions - Fixed
TGP has incorrect IR FOV angles - Fixed
TGP elevation should be tied to horizon line instead of aircraft boresight - Fixed
TGT and FLIR Square Misaligned (https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=267115) - Fixed
TGP still works even if removed during rearm - Fixed
Zoom control indication occupies 2 pushbuttons when it should occupy 3 - Fixed
Added GRAY option
Added ALG option (Automatic Gain and Level control option)
AGM-65F seeker LOS indication is not proper- Fixed
JDAM - (add: IZLAR/ Auto Mode for PP and TOO Mode / dynamic TOF /TOT -PP Cue - In-Zone / TOT cue on HUD/ heading is defined for IZLAR)
AIM-7 can be guided via LTWS - Fixed
AIM-120 can guide to a target even if the radar cannot see the target in TWS mode - Fixed
FPS issues on the SA page - Fixed
Radar trackfiles aging out very quickly - Fixed
Prog 2 ignored if undesignate is used in auto mode - Fixed
Uncaged AGM-65F does not slave to the same point as pod - Fixed
AI do not show cockpit light in F2 view - Fixed
Parked F-18 static model has wrong aileron position - Fixed
Bright AMPCD/HUD at Night - Fixed
Missiles launched in RWS after tracking in LTWS perform incorrect guidance - Fixed
F-18 radar does not provide data-link in TWS mode - Fixed
Reset scale on SA page for elements, set max position value for calculating symbols on SA page like on HSI page - Fixed
Cockpit SNSR panel texture edited
Missions to be re-saved for branch
Harpoon BOL HPTP Ignores waypoint and flies bearing immediately - Fixed
Laser Mav will not show LKD if targeting a building - Fixed
Missile flyout symbol in radar page is not azimuth stabilized - fixed

DCS F-16С Viper by ED
Strobe light need to be brighter at night - Fixed
Anti collision light not seen on multiplayer servers - Fixed
LEF should be at 2° up during cold start.- Fixed
FCR Hostiles returning Friendly - Fixed
Highlight of the selected weapon is not removed after selective jettison - Fixed
SAI Arrow does not move with ball - Fixed
Fuel tanks weight is incorrect - Fixed
Training mission CCRP bombing is in game mode - Fixed
INS Alignment: STOR HDG alignment doesn't finish - Fixed
Interior lighting at minimum power has lower brightness then without lighting in day light - Fixed
Tail texture improvement
Self illumination materials edited
Typo. F-16C Inputs. Ru localization
Quick start and training missions cause abnormal DCS behavior

DCS L-39 Albatros by ED
Fixed training missions for L-39. Mission "GS-23 Gun": fixed typo in English localization. Mission "PK-3 Gun Pods": 4 Gun Pods are used

DCS Mi-8MTV2 by ED
Mi-8 Spring Tension - no progress in mission 11 - fixed
Cut electric lights on damage
Animation of the weapon light on the overhead corrected
Cockpit illumination tuned
Corrected rotor of cockpit cooling ventilator

DCS Fw 190 D9 and A8 by ED
Corrected the instruments lighting in the cockpit

DCS UH-1H Huey by ED
UH-1H RPM Increase input not working correctly - fixed.
UN Pilot campaign. Player and wingman spawn in one place - fixed

DCS F-5E by ED
The color of the reticle lightened
The color of the radar indication lightened
Corrected cockpit lighting
Cut electrical lights on damage

DCS P-51D Mustang by ED
Cut electrical lights on damage
Piston engine sound dropped - fixed

DCS Su-33 by ED
If the player on Su-33 requests repair on the deck, his plane should be moved to a free parking place

DCS F-86F Sabre by ED
Cut electrical lights on damage

DCS Bf 109 K4 by ED
Cut electrical lights on damage

DCS Su-25 by ED
NAV lights cast shadows

DCS Black Shark 2 by ED
Added the mirrors toggles commands
Georgian Oil War Campaign to DCS 2.5x Compatibility done by MadDog-IC
Georgian Oil War - Grand Campaign - mission ATO-A-P4.2 Added trigger with removing trees action for tank platoon "G Tank 1"
Corrected single missions by MadDog-IC
Clear Tkvarcheli.miz corrected. A player will not be spawn with his wingman on the same site
Added option to hide cyclic / stick in cockpit
ABRIS. Change date in setup menu caused DCS crash - fixed

DCS A-10C Warthog by ED
Corrected Single Player Missions by MadDog-IC. Added all localizations EN, RU, CN, CS, ES, DE, FR to missions where appropriate. Moved all Units out of trees
Text above G-meter backlit - fixed

DCS Combined Arms by ED
M163 Vulcan was invulnerable to HE rockets - fixed
Missile blows up right after launch on player-controlled SA-15 - fixed
Fixed position of Driver camera on Sd.Kfz.234/2
Animation of AT-3 Sagger fixed on barrel elevation of BMP-1 and BMD-1
Barrel visibility issues fixed on SPTD “Msta” while zooming out
Effective altitude of “Tunguska” SA-19 missiles is now limited to 3500 metres
Combined Arms Aircraft ignore speed if not set by slider - fixed
Opel Blitz Embark not working - fixed

The Museum Relic Campaign by Apache600:

Mission 8.6 for MiG-15 and F-86: Fail safe helo F10 radio operations fixed, and missing radio comms restored
F-5E Aggressors ACM Campaign, F-5E Aggressors BFM Campaign, F-15C Aggressors BFM Campaign, F/A-18C Aggressors BFM Campaign by Maple Flag:

Practice missions now placed in their own campaign
Minor updates to the briefing text in all missions
Spitfire IX The Big Show, P-51D Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney, Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger campaigns by Reflected Simulations:

New WWII assets added to the missions
"Remove units for better performance" option optimized in high unit count missions
A-10C AAT and A-10C TTQ Campaigns by Maple Flag:

Practice missions now placed in their own campaign
Combined Arms: Frontlines Georgia Campaign:

Adjusted missions with new Hidden on Planner Option for better Fog of War
Adjusted unit death requirements for advancement
Other minor fixes and tweaks with all missions
World´s Apart 2020 Campaign

Fíxed vehicle spawn points in Mission 1
Community Manager Eagle Dynamics
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Re: DCS: Updates....

Notapor jossmail61 el 20 Jun 2020 04:45

Otro nuevo trabajo, Fragata F-105 Cristobal Colón, que acompaña al L-61


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Re: DCS: Updates....

Notapor jossmail61 el 21 Jun 2020 03:10

Buen video y mucha paciencia.
Con esto quien no se engancha.

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Re: DCS: Updates....

Notapor jossmail61 el 30 Ago 2020 14:55

Esto cada día va a más.


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Re: DCS: Updates....

Notapor Beltza el 23 Sep 2020 16:40

Nueva actualización "gorda" del simulador ::plas: ::plas: . Y al Harrier le toca un buen bocado.

DCS Open Beta 2020-09-23

https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/ ... 5.6.55363/

Dear Customers,

Today we release the Open Beta with several high priority issues for the Hornet AIM-9 family which were discovered yesterday. However, I decided to release this OB because it delivers significant changes made by our partners to the aircraft that are very important for you and we prepared new features for Hornet and Viper.

The issues will be fixed and updated during the coming week.

Kate Perederko
Chief Operating Officer

DCS World
AIM-120 missile. The probability of countermeasure spoofing returned to the old value.
Replay system. User tracks in some condition replay with very low FPS - fixed.
Infantry not engaging each other - fixed.
AI aircraft using high drag MK 82 Snakeye not below 1000ft - fixed.
Crash to desktop on wingman actions - fixed.
Ground AI vehicles no longer move on their own to use weapons - fixed.
Piston engine fire effect is fixed.
Enabled all aircraft types to rearm from friendly FARP objects.
Decreased range opens fire Soldier with M1 Garand from 1200 to 500 meters.
F-14 AI will operate on the ground parkings with folded wings.
Web RTC. Updated GUI.
AI Ju-88 and A-20 ignore reaction to threat settings - fixed.
ME. Metric and imperial sometimes displayed incorrectly - fixed.
Third Reich pilot model. Remove Swastika from Iron Cross.
Increased g-tolerance of pilot.
Effects. The Speed smoke and fire was improved.
Sound. Added a more robust workaround for broken drivers.
Mouse input. Added ability to assign commands to extra mouse buttons.
Modern SAMs (S-300, Patriot, Tor, SM etc.) have to engage aircraft weapons like ARM, tactical and cruise missiles. Restored ability.
Starting WP for ships has a speed of 0 km\h by default.
Western RWR:
Added symbol for new Kuznetsov (2017) - SW
Changed indications of SAM search RADARs

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3
Tuned ARU to measure speed and altitude more accurately.
Tuned AA missile range and tracking features for the R-3S/R, R-13M/M1, and R-60.
Tuned RS-2US and R-55 missiles ranges and tracking features to a limited extent, according to little available credible data.
Fixed AA missile IR sensors from targeting the sun below the horizon and behind obstacles.
Increased the front leg spring force to improve shimmy dampening.
Adjusted Syria instant action missions.

DCS AJS-37 by Heatblur Simulations
Added Roadbase mission for Syria Map.
Added more Quickstart missions for Syria Map.
Reduced opacity of HUD and Canopy glass.
Increased night illumination of ADI.
Tweaked wheel brake effectiveness.
Fixed RB-05 Flare visibility.
Updated RB-24J to sync with ED AIM-9P.
Fixed RB-05 Cover appearing after missile is fired, instead of before.

DCS F-14B by Heatblur Simulations
NEW! Added ability to hide HUD Camera: click the HUD camera in the cockpit to remove it. (F-14 pilots could carry hex wrenches to remove the HUD camera, especially for landing.)
Fixed ARC-159 keybinds (and reverted preset/guard being switched).
Fixed "stab in, else out" and "stab out, else in" keybinds for the radar control panel.
Fixed Syria Instant Action mission issues.
Synced AIM-7 data to latest ED AIM-7 changes.
Tweaked AIM-54 PN coefficients for smoother transitions and a slightly better effect at long range (to try and counter the disadvantages of the current terminal guidance compromise).
Added preliminary/ rudimentary TCS trim support (just works visually for now and remains WIP).
Fixed AIM-54 Logic regarding TCS Target tracking.
Taught JESTER to turn on AWG-9/AIM-54 cooling as appropriate during poststart procedure. (Fixes cooling light not going off unless it was cycled to off and on again.)
Fixed Cmptr/Target designator sometimes jumping slightly on HUD when designating a Ground Point.
Added textures to intake covers for static F-14.
Fixed broken shading near airbrake on top rear fuselage.
Fixed broken shading, AO and RoughMets on spine GPS antenna.
Tweaked intensity of landing light slightly.
Fixed lack of night illumination on RIO TID rollers.
Partial fix to lack of night illumination on Weapon selection roller. (Known bug: illumination shows only “turn” at the moment.)
Fixed lack of night illumination on AWG-9 Range Gauge.
Flipped green/amber lights on RIO Advisory panel.
Fixed Ejection seat arming lever remaining after RIO Ejects.
Fixed possible cause for CTD during compressor stalls.

Added vertical tail damage parts and fragments.
Fixed damage model issue where parts would not fragment off.
Fixed damage model issue where weapons would sometimes remain on destroyed wings.
Added INS course set keybinds.
Added DMT now slaved to AIM-9 seeker.
Fixed erratic control functionality with altimeter adjustments.
Fixed erratic control functionality with CRS knob adjustments.
Fixed Comm channel selector not sequencing correctly.
Fixed TPOD still in power-up mode when starting initial conditions to in-air or engines on.
Fixed inverted HUD reject logic.
Fixed AGM-122 Sidearm seeker not aligning with RWR source signal.
Removed incorrect HUD limitations for AGM-122 Sidearm ready-for-release
Fixed AIM-9 incorrectly firing when cycling from AG to AA then back to AG.
Added ADI cage toggle keybind.
Added ADI pitch adjust keybind.
Added GBU-32 JDAM.
Added GBU-54 Laser JDAM.
Replaced USAF AGM-65G with USN AGM-65F.
Fixed rudder trim in-cockpit switch not operating.
Fixed rudder trim indication in cockpit and in controls indicator.
Fixed SSS Left should now sequentially cycle between EHSD centered, EHSD decentered, and ECM pages.
Fixed ECM page not returning to the original MPCD format.
Fixed EHSD course over ground incorrect in Mag heading mode.
Fixed EHSD decenter display overlay getting mis-placed.
Fixed EHSD moving map on MPCD too bright.
Fixed EHSD resulting in symbology misplaced when zoom set to AUTO
Fixed Course Error not showing in the EHSD
Fixed font for EHSD to be correct size.
Fixed inverted default rocket range profile values.
Fixed Left MPCD brightness control not operating correctly.
Fixed Right MPCD brightness control not operating correctly.
Fixed RWR still partially functioning when turned off.
Fixed RWR minimum volume too loud.
Fixed missing RWR power/volume knob adjustment increments
Added RWR Declutter option: When selecting LIM only contacts that are locked, guiding weapons or that are inside the LETHAL ring will appear.
Fixed pull-up cue not occuring when selected.
Fixed dual rack bombs not releasing in the correct order.
Fixed top-right rocker switch on left MPCD bleeding into bezel.
Fixed scaling of HUD repeater on MPCD to be correct size.
Fixed engine efficiency table error at very high altitudes that was resulting in higher than expected thrust loss.
Fixed SAAHS paddle disable incorrectly resetting stick trim position and not resetting rudder trim and will now correctly restore rudder trim when released.
Fixed Speedbrake logic based on SME information to extend as long as OUT is pressed and will fully retract when IN is pressed (Allows for partial extension but will always fully retract).
Fixed aircraft diverting in some cases prior to maneuvering tone envelope.
Fixed infinite coefficient values in some conditions of large body angular rates (out of control).
Modified structural load damage to no longer be instantaneous, now requires sustained over-tolerance for structural (wing) failure.
Modified TPOD axis dead-zone to be slightly reduced.
Added missing white indication on Emergency Battery Handle.
Added Emergency Gear rotation and pull in Cockpit Model.
Added emergency gear deployment logic
Added emergency gear battery logic
Updated gear handle logic.
Gear handle light logic corrections
Added gear DN LOCK OVRD button logic
Added keybinds for gear DN LOCK OVRD
Added keybind for Gear Emergency Deployment.
Added keybind for Gear Emergency Battery Activate.
Corrected flat black background on some MPCD pages
Corrected HUD pitch ladder behavior
Corrected HUD flight path marker behavior
Updated TTT/TOT function to continuously calculate Command Speed (CS).
Added Weapons Release Tone.
Fixed missing seat height adjustment control. Seat model animation work-in-progress
Added ejection seat ground safety handle arming logic. Ejection will not happen unless the seat is armed.

Added vertical tail damage parts and fragments
Added support for more RWR codes
Added ability to modify RWR codes dynamical via cockpit/scripts/SERVAL.lua
Added RWR code documentation at doc/M-2000C RWR Threat Codes.pdf
Fixed damage model issue where parts would not fragment off
Fixed damage model issue where weapons would sometimes remain on destroyed wings
Fixed S/P lights turning on where a PCA button is empty
Fixed GBUs not appearing on the PCA when loading S530Ds on the wings
Fixed gear handle should now blink when test light button is on the 1 position
Modified autopilot roll logic improved based on updated documentation and SME input
Modified structural load damage to no longer be instantaneous, now requires sustained over-tolerance for structural (wing) failure.

Fixed sudden zoom out that would occur sometimes when in external aircraft view
Fixed pilot hand going through canopy glass when closing the helmet visor
Modified aileron damage tolerance at high speed from 120 deg/sec to greater than 150 deg/sec sustained for more than 0.5 sec
Fixed damage model issue where parts would not fragment off
Fixed damage model issue where weapons would sometimes remain on destroyed wings

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations
Added HOTAS T5 TDC re-center for CM-802AKG when releasing the key (NOTE: need to rebind the T5 up/down/left/right keys on device and keyboard if you bound it before!! Axis should not be affected.)
Added canopy glass fog effect (defog button also functional)
Added special option to select cockpit model between visual quality and performance (big fps drop when warning light test on, etc)
Added weapon quantity limitation when set manually in SMS Load page
Added UTC for Syria and Channel maps
Added 07-09 missions to free campaign (full campaign plans to have 12-14 missions)
Added 4 quickstart missions for Syria map
Added 1 multiplayer mission
Fixed WMD7 BIT skip issue in cold start
Fixed HUD TDC axis control
Updated radar antenna scan speed for INTC/DGFT/AG

ChinaAssetPack by Deka Ironwork Simulations
093: Temp fixed torpedo explosion issue
093: Torpedo launch angle (gyro angle) now is slaved to periscope azimuth (controlled by player), therefore need to do all calculations manually by player
SD-10: use aa_missile_amraam scheme (A walkaround solution of TWS launch warning for F-16/F-1. More detailed explanation: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php...4&postcount=19

DCS C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev
Fixed GPS position. (Already committed in previous revision but was not added to changelog)
Improved FD buttons brightness of C-101EB forward cockpit
Improved AOA indexer light brightness
Fixed brightness of priority transfer korry dots. Both for C-101EB and C-101CC.
Adjusted the following lights brightness: Fuel available indicators, fuel transfer pressure indicator, fuel FUS quantity selector, boost pump korry, fuel shutoff valve korry, engine anti-ice korry, engine computer korry, battery L and battery R korries
Fixed the following lights brightness, they are now dimmed with consoles lights knob: aileron servo-actuator cutout korry, emergency fuel valve korry
Labels of priority transfer korries (UHF, VHF and NAV) are now always on when electrically energized. Both for C-101EB and C-101CC
Batteries temperature red lights will be off now when there is no electrical power available (this issue had been introduced recently after textures rework)
Minor: Removed looped cell links in aircraft setup
Fixed parachute texture
Added Syria map quickstart and single missions (EN and ES localizations)
Fixed handling of frequency set in V/TWU-740 radio of C-101CC, as there was an issue with the 0.05 digits selector.

DCS P-47D Thunderbolt by ED
Added 2 additional modifications: P-47D-30 (early) and P-47D-40
Added new bombs and rockets for using on the aircraft
Added external fuel tanks and the M10 smoke tank.
Updated bombs delivery procedure.
Updated damage visualisation
Flight manual EN, RU.
Log book not recording P-47 stats - fixed.
known issue - AI controlled aircraft have problems when aiming M8 rockets

DCS P-51D Mustang by ED
Starter sound can be heard even without spinning propeller - fixed.

DCS UH-1H Huey by ED
Co-pilot not firing miniguns at targets - fixed.

DCS Ka-50 Black Shark by ED
Cockpit. Corrected OPER and OFF text on L-140 panel.

DCS MiG-15bis by ED
Tracer not seen on 23mm cannon - fixed.

DCS A-10C Warthog by ED
HUD goes to A-A mode without any Electrical power - fixed.

DCS F-16 Viper by ED
Added AGM-65D/G/H/K.
W.I.P (Add to the next OB):
BSGT option.
LOS with successful handoff on HUD.
It is possible to lock on with two missiles prior to launching the first missile.
TMS-right re-command handoff
ASL on HUD for BORE mode
Added AGM-88C (HAS Mode).
AGM-88 Threats table
Optimize F-16 livery files -fixed
SYM Rocker No Longer Working - fixed
Some liveries lack textures - fixed
Scan Broke for Boresight & Vertical Scan - fixed
Radar: Loss of track from SAM to TWS - fixed
Helmet mounted device change:
Added option in the ME aircraft property tab
Added ground crew comm
G Tolerance - Open Beta vs Dev Trunk - fixed
Litening Phase II: Current coordinate display is not looks like in design doc and original source - fixed
F-16CM TGP Will Not Power On After Takeoff - fixed
Updated F-16 Guide with newly added features as required. Changes are noted on the Latest Changes page.
HMD Boresight ellipse displayed all time -fixed

DCS F-18 Hornet by ED
Added AGR Mode
Added FTT Mode (Without tracking moving target. Moving target - w.i.p)
Added Mark Point option
Incorrect HOTAS Command for Castle Switch aft - fixed
ZTOD on UFC Error - fixed
Radio volume ISSUE - fixed
Broken fuel transfer from external tanks - fixed
SA page SAM threat rings draw order - fixed
Master mode buttons A/A and A/G are pressed at mission start - fixed
MK-82 Auto mode dropping long - fixed
Threat circles on SA page only show if threat Icon is visible - fixed
AGM-65 IR Display and SLAM display very dark - fixed
Hot start should have INS selector knob in IFA - fixed
EXP render issues - fixed
HUD Sidewinder count does not update until zero missiles remaining - fixed
Firing AIM-7F causes switch to other AIM-7 type - fixed
AIM-9 HUD Count does not change until all missiles expended - fixed
SELECTIVE JETTISON in STORES mode not working correctly for some stores. - fixed
AIM-9 seeker and TD lock onto different targets - fixed
Strange behavior when switching between A/G radar EXP modes and A/A radar - fixed
With stick hidden NWS/Undesignate click spot remains and creates problems for some users - fixed
AG radar EXP2-3 beam jump on first pass - fixed
AG radar heading figures overlap on switch from Map to EXP1-2-3 - fixed
Check UFC and radio button pushes change AM / FM status - fixed
Unlimited weapons - does not respect salvo / ripple after replenishment - fixed
AGM-65 A/G RDY not indicated on HUD in certain condition - fixed
GACQ and VACQ Scan patterns broken - fixed
COMM was turned off, new channel applied right after COMM powered up - fixed
Radio volume does not turn off radio when at minimum - fixed
AGM-88C disappear after launch - fixed
Radar elevation coverage is incorrect - fixed
TWS antenna slew messing with RWS - fixed
Refueling Floodlight isn’t bright enough - fixed
TGT steering is not selected after HUD, FLIR or A/G radar cursor designation - fixed
HSI/SA page A/G designation diamond missing for FLIR and HUD designations - fixed
Added Winwing HOTAS Hornet Files
Incorrect coordinates format in Litening output in current build (decimal, but need to be precise classic one) - fixed
INS Alignment: Moving aircraft should require manual waypoint 0 update. - fixed
Helmet mounted device change:
Added option in the ME aircraft property tab
Added ground crew comm
Added HMD EW Symbols
AIM-9L & AIM9-M losing lock with control input - fixed
IFA Alignment has strange effect on velocity vector and CCIP CCRP fall lines - fixed

DCS Supercarrier by ED
Added CVN-75.
Arleigh Burke. Added liveries.

DCS Combined Arms by ED
Fixed delay before deleting an assigned target in F10 view.
Fixed incorrect fire solution for controlled FLAK.
Running infantry not firing - fixed.
Fixed incorrect movement of units with type "on road" when rounding the road.
Added auto-turning on the stabilizer during auto tracking (ctrl+F10) for gun 2S6 Tunguska.
Fixed armor Armed Speedboat (20mm HE shells can't damage).
Infantry ignoring WP in mission - fixed.
MLRS cannot turn to use weapons - fixed.
Improved visibility range for infantry

F/A-18C Raven One campaign by Baltic Dragon
Added "mission complete" message to each of the missions
Updated E2-C and Iranian AH-1 skins, they should be displayed correctly now
Added new skin for UH-60s (Golden Angels)
Added briefings for all missions in PDF format to DOCS folder
Updated Raven One Guide
Mission 01: Prevented USS Vincent Aiello from shooting at Iranian patrol boat. Added information about the campaign guide to the briefing. Fixed rare issue where SPACE BAR command for radio check would not work (replaced with F-10 menu instead).
Mission 02: Updated kneeboard page with codewords. Updated designer's notes (Smoke has to take off first).
Mission 03: Adjusted part with enemy MANPAD shooting at player's wingman. Updated victory condition to correctly award points for destroying weapons stash / truck.
Mission 05: Added explanation about enabling Guard channel to Designer's Notes. Prevented a rare occurrence where UAE M-2000 would slam into player when refueling. Iranian aircraft skins should now show properly.
Mission 06: Updated kneeboard (added Marshal frequency).
Mission 07: Updated speed and position of recovery helo.
Mission 08: Updated starting location of Raven 12 - she is no longer blocked by static aircraft.
Mission 10: Removed helo sitting on the deck at mission start. Fixed issue where campaign would not progres if player didn't refuel.
Mission 12: Adjusted player's loadout. Fixed rare issue where despite mission success the result would be 50 points.
Mission 13: Updated kneeboard and waypoint number (Topaz 1). Fixed faulty trigger detecting when player lands.
Mission 14: Fixed problem with campaign pushing back to M13 after completing M14.

A-10C BFT Campaign by Maple Flag:
Missions BFT02, BFT03, BFT11: Updated AI vehicle paths to avoid collisions.

Known issues:
AIM-9L & AIM-9M Tone loss
AIM-9X 'jittering' with radar lock
Community Manager Eagle Dynamics
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